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Basic Midwifery

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This is 3 years, 6 semesters Basic General Midwifery programme, approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) and run by the School Of Basic Midwifery, Awgu, Enugu State. It is designed to train students on practical midwifery skills and gives them the knowledge and clinical experience they need to become a Registered Midwife (RM).

Registered Midwife (RM) provides support, care and advice before, during and after pregnancy, labour and postpartum (after birth) period; this care includes preventative measures, the promotion of normal birth, the detection of complications in mother and child, the accessing of medical care or other appropriate assistance and the carrying out of emergency measures. A registered Midwife (RM) also conducts births and provides care for the newborn and the infant. They also provide family planning and preconception care as well as conduct prenatal exams and order tests.


  • Enugu State University of Science and Technology Teaching Hospital, Parklane.
  • Uwani General Hospital, Enugu.
  • Psychiatric Hospital New Haven.
  • Primary Health Care Centres.
  • Poly Subdistrict Hospital, Enugu.

Registered Midwives (RM) can work in any Tertiary Healthcare Institutions (e.g National Hospital, Federal Medical Centers etc), Secondary Healthcare Institutions  (e.g General Hospitals), Primary Healthcare Institutions,  (Primary Health Care, Comprehensive Health Care) and Maternal and Child Hospitals in the world.

Admission Requirements

  • Candidates must possess at least five (5) credits at not more than two (2) sittings including English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics in WAEC, NECO and/or NABTEB. Combination of WAEC/WAEC, NECO/NECO, WAEC/NECO is acceptable. NABTEB cannot be combined with WAEC or NECO or another NABTEB. If a candidate will use NABTEB, she must have all the required 5 credits in it.
  • Qualified candidates will be required to write an Entrance Exam to be conducted by the School.
  • Candidates successful at the Entrance Exam will be invited for an interview to be conducted by the school.
  • Candidates successful at the interview will be offered provisional admission into the Basic Midwifery programme at the  School Of Basic Midwifery, Awgu, Enugu State.
  • Candidates admitted into the Basic Midwifery Programme will undergo intensive training/lectures in Basic Sciences, Nursing and Midwifery Courses for six months. Thereafter an Introductory Examination for the First Semester will be conducted by the School Of Basic Midwifery, Awgu, Enugu State.
  • Only successful students at the Introductory Exam will be Indexed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and the unsuccessful students will be withdrawn.


Classroom experience

Clinical Experience

Foundation of Nursing

We have the best tutors and clinical instructors, who teach, with the curriculum as stipulated by Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and practical demonstration.


The aim of this program is to prepare competent, skilled, versatile, and independent midwives, capable of providing high-level health care to individuals and expectant families in their homes, communities, hospitals, and rural and urban health centers of the society, for optimal infant, maternal, family and societal wellbeing. Specific objectives of the Midwifery Program include the fact that the students at the end of their midwifery program will be able to:

  • Foundation of Nursing I
  • Anatomy and Physiology I
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Behavioral Science I

Department Contact Info

Basic Midwifery

General Hospital Awgu.
Awgu, Nigeria
Enugu State.


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Why Study Here?

The students have the opportunity to be employed in any health institution in Nigeria and beyond.

At the end of the programe, the student will be able to:-
a. Assess the health needs of the community with special reference to the basic needs of the family/individual.
b. Utilize the Nursing Process in providing comprehensive nursing/midwifery services to individuals and groups in the community and all healthcare settings.
c.Manage minor disorders during the ante-natal, intra-natal, and postnatal periods of the childbearing cycle. Ability to care for a newborn and manage minor disorders of the infant

Midwives’ Prayer
Have mercy upon me oh’ Lord and in all my actions let me have Thy fear before my eyes that I may be careful both for rich and poor to do and not to hurt to save life and not to destroy. Help my infirmities and imperfections and grant me skill and judgment. Happily, to finish every work through Jesus Christ our lord. Amen.